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Testing company held 2022 annual leadership democratic life

Author: admin Release Time: 2023-3-23 20:40:17 Views:87

On March 23, the testing company held the 2022 annual leadership democratic life meeting。Group company fourth supervision group deputy general manager Xie Gang, material equipment department manager Gang attended the guidance。Zhang Bing, secretary of the Party branch of the testing company, presided over the meeting, and members of the leadership team of the testing company attended the meeting。


 The Party branch of the company attaches great importance to opening the democratic life, in order to open the democratic life, the party branch of the company actively prepares for the test before the meeting, extensively solicits opinions and suggestions, profoundly analyzes the existing problems, and the meeting was notifiedThe preparation for the Democratic Life Meeting of Party Members leading cadres in 2022 and the solicitation of opinions for this democratic life meeting。Zhang Bing on behalf of the testing company's leadership team for control inspection, the members of the leadership team to seek truth from facts to tell the problem, check the problem, change the problem, find shortcomings, and seek innovative ideas one by one for personal control inspection, to find gaps and deficiencies, profound analysis of the reasons。


Xie Gang commented on the democratic meeting。He pointed out that the theme of the democratic life of the testing company is distinct, the problems of the leadership team and the team's personal control inspection are realistic, the rectification measures are solid and effective, the criticism is serious, and the expectations of the democratic life are met, and the quality of the meeting is high。并对In 2023, the overall work of the testing company is proposed four points: First, continue to strengthen learning。Under the premise of constantly strengthening the political study of the Party,Closely follow the Party's plans,Strong grasp of the party's theoretical study,Strengthen the ability of management and business learning,Through business exchanges, training and other means,Internal strength management,Learn from practice,Combined with the testing company's technical advantages,Practice guides learning,Based on professional technology,Guide results。Second, continuous rectification and implementation。Make a list, rectify within a limited time, strengthen implementation, and raise problems, correct problems, and digest problems through democratic life, so as to improve ourselves。The third is to establish a long-term mechanism, starting from the management level, establish rules and systems, strengthen internal control and management, form systems and rules according to self-verification problems, and use system management, so as to promote performance improvement。Fourth, we will focus on key tasks。By the end of April, the business integration, personnel integration and equipment integration, including the integration of system construction, will be fully completed, starting from the target responsibility letter and assessment methods, and a complete set of internal control characteristics of engineering testing companies based on traffic control Group, Municipal Road and Bridge Group and Group company。To scale to help the internal cycle, while continuing to do a good job of service, to reduce costs and increase efficiency as quality, to communication and coordination as effect, abandon the idea of relying on。Strengthen the ability to innovate, join forces in technological innovation and management innovation, while using new technologies and new materials to enhance technological innovation, it is necessary to improve the awareness of innovation, strengthen training, implement the strategy of going out, and grasp this year's development opportunities with a sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, and a sense of supporting excellence。Try to take it to the next level。

Zhang Bing made a statement on behalf of the testing company team。He said that first, to improve the political position, party members and leading cadres should do a good job in the study, deployment and implementation of the three aspects, lead a good head for the majority of workers, and serve the projects well。Second, strengthen the study of political theory and business knowledge."Learning in the dry, dry middle school", always put the quasi-political direction, do the combination of party building and work, and improve the thought and ability。The third is to grasp the rectification work, adhere to the strict word as the first to grasp the rectification, the company team and the heads of various departments to take the lead in reviewing and taking the lead in rectification, and the party members to spearhead and take the lead in promoting the company's work with high-quality rectification。Fourth, continue to promote the rectification work, consciously combine the rectification work with the company's work and their respective positions, around the 2023 work goal, to walk in the forefront, brave when the pioneer attitude, brave to break into the new situation of the development of the testing company